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General Manager & Booker at Krush Club & Ostend Beach, resident dj at Krush Club, home dj at TomorrowLand & World

For over a decade (2000-2010) Yamo was the main resident dj of one of the most underground clubs in Europe - Ghent’s electronic music hotspot: Decadance. Playing with all major house dj’s in this legendary dancing on Thursdays & Saturdays, mixing at all important clubs in Belgium & abroad and hosting stages at the biggest events & festivals, Yamo became one of the biggest house dj’s in Belgium.

Yamo started his own club in his hometown Ostend in 2009: Krush Club. The club instantly became one of the coolest spots in Belgium, especially for house music, and has a lot of attraction by the world’s top dj’s who think Krush is one of the best clubs for a house dj to rock a crowd.

Next to playing at the coolest clubs & festivals (Tomorrowland, Laundry Day, …) in Belgium as a dj and booking the hottest dj’s in his own club as artistic manager, Yamo also hosts a lot of big & small party’s all over Belgium. One event in particular has Yamo’s full attention: Ostend Beach Dance Festival. The biggest electronic music festival on the Belgian beach.

Keep an eye on this guy, within a short while he might aswell become Belgium’s finest export product as he’s set to play at TomorrowWorld in the US for the second time in a row!



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Not exactly sure when, but many years ago, in a galaxy far far away, NUKOV, still a teenager, was working in a bar when his boss said; “hey you, you know a lot about music don’t you? Well, you be the Dj tonight, same pay, but with free drinks”. And so started a strange (blurred) path from small Austrian bars to Spanish beach clubs to Portuguese clubs and parties. Going from reggae around punk to pounding beats to finally end up in a town called Oostende at the Belgian coast… It was there, when he first encountered a fierce creature called STEVEN YELMET…

In 2003 Steven YELMET bought himself some Technics and a mixer and for the first couple of years, instead of (constantly) masturbating, he practiced playing Techno music in his room day in day out. In October 2011 he dropped his first mixtape in the hands of DJ and party promoter Seba Lecompte. The day after he got a call and 3 weeks later he got his first shot playing MINIBOX @ Decadance. Shortly after that he got picked up by DJ and Krush Club owner Yamo and he got his first residency at KRUSH CLUB, where he is still resident DJ now! At Krush Club he got into contact with a lonely musical drifter called NUKOV..

This was the first encounter of what would become a very close and succesfull cooperation. Together with famous Ostend Bar Tender Jurgen Nobels, they decided to team up to create the party concept: SIRKUS.. For this concept both of them received the opportunity to play a promo set in , yet again :) , Decadance. For this they wanted to have a good time and decided to play B2B. Because it was so much fun playing and the chemistry between them was undenieable they decided to make this a regular thing. Nukov B2B Steven Yelmet was born! After a long fun - and event filled summer a decision had to be made.. They decided to stick together and form the DJ Duo: NUKOV & YELMET!

It’s been going fast ever since, with a steady recidency @ Krush Club and playing clubs, festivals and parties such as Ostend Beach, Instant Karma, Bocadero, Cafe D’Anvers, Sunrise Festival, Bang The Box, Sonntag Magiq, La Plage, 7even, Decadance, Feestgedruis on the Beach, Klankgras, La Rocca, King Kong, Elixir and many more..

Playing alongside extremely talented national friends and artists, but also international artists such as Green Velvet, Simon Dunmore, Wolf + Lamb, Zohki & Roozlee, Terrence Fixmer, Ken Ishii, Francisco Allendes, Frivoulous, Sandy Rivera, Kevin Saunderson, Enzo Siragusa, Chris Tietjen, Matthias Tanzmann, Josh Wink, Anek and many more!

Also their SIRKUS parties are going strong with sold out editions all the way and more to come :)

What’s in store next for N&Y? You tell me, as long as it’s filled with music, love and friendship they are up for anything ;) Soon in a club near you!



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Born on the 25th October 1983 in Belgium. It all started in the year 2000 when this young dj who already had a major love for hip-hop & R&B, decided it was time to take this love for music to another level.

After having friends introduce him to the dj’ing world & teaching him about the equipment he was immediately motivated to buy his own stuff, so he saved up to get his first technics turntables and mixer, so he could start learning the basics. At that time in his hometown, urban music was only getting clubplay in very small venues, but that didn't stop him from being inspired by local and other dj's. It motivated him even more to think outside the box & develop his skills not just as a mixer, but also as a turntablist.

After months of practicing how to mix, scratch & juggle he got his first break in 2001 @ Le Dôme to play alongside the dj’s that played R&B wednesdaynights during the summer. After his success over there, he got his own Urban room upstairs where he rocked the club every week for about 2 years. In the meantime interest of other promotors started coming and bookings all over Ostend & the Belgian coast. In 2003 he got his first residency in Ghent @ the well know Ex-Winners club. After making a name for himself in East-Flanders, he got more breaks outside the Belgian coast and starting getting more & more respect from other fellow dj’s.

His major break came in 2003 when he got the chance to be resident @ the hottest club in Ostend called 'Carré Beach'. From then on, people really gave him the respect he needed as a dj and his ability to rock the house & make people dance like crazy all night long. After three great years @ Carré, the sky was the limit for this dj! He became the first urban dj to be a part of the 'La Nuit Events' team (one of the hottest club concepts all over Belgium). Nowadays, B-Kay is most well known for his unique style of blending urban music with other different genres while doing that with his turntablism ability.



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This is message. This is a message. This is a message.
The code is not inside. The code has to be in your head.
This message can only be understood if you know how to dance.
If you do not know how to dance you have no chance
to understand this message.
I repeat, the code is not inside, it has to be in your head.
Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? Is it an extra terrestrial?
No, it is the Bat. The Bat of The Beat. The A-Bat,
The A of Alex, Acid, Attack, Android, Aromatic, A Man of Music.
Since 72 he lives.
Since 89 he lives his second life.
Find the code. It is in your head,
Reboot. Reboot. Do not Delete. This is a message. This is not a biography. This is a message.
This man is not a normal human being.
He comes from a time where everything was different .
Music was rare. Records where treasures. The roads had to be constructed, the paths to be detected.
This was the time where you did not know when the next beat was going to fall.
Tape it. Tape The Party. Listen to the Tape. Buy the Record. Last Record has been sold. Come back next week That was the message. This is a recording in words of a time where things where different.
Do not delete. Do not delete.
That was the Time where this A-Bat started flying over the heads of all these acid- and techno kids.Strak. Strak. Strak.

For hours and hours. Day in Day out. Living as outlaw. Driving in an old, very little R2.
The Code of this message is not inside. It is a choice you have to make if you want to understand this.
It is about more than where and with who.
It is why.
It is how.
It is from the Undergroud.
It is Legendary.
It is the story of a boy becoming a man. Through Music. Through Three Decades of Beats and Clicks,It is The A-Bat flying on Acid and Tekno as no Bat will ever fly again or before.



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Benji’s musical roots, and first real obsession with music and collecting vinyl, started with (Detroit) techno & acid (house) and progressed through to the early sounds of house. The love of house music has no boundaries for him: if it’s good music he’ll play it!

It all started in the summer of ’96.. When he bought his first vinyl album: Josh Wink – “A Higher State Of Wink's Works”. After a lot of experimenting as a bedroom-dj, Benji was asked to play at various events & party venues such as: 't Bosjoenk, Twins Club, Red Bull Defender, Decadance and many parties at Ostend's legendary Hangaar 1.

Later on, he became the main resident at Ostend’s finest underground house bar: the infamous “Bazz Lounge” This is where he met fellow housefreak Beve. Together, Beve & Benji rocked several great parties like La Nuit, Plastic, caDenza,..

After 3 great years @ BazzLounge, he joined the “La Nuit Events” crew, known for the superb party concepts at unique locations.

Nowadays, you can find Benji behind the decks @ the mighty “Krush Club” (the brainchild of Ostend’s dynamic duo Yamo & Kevin)

As a member of the “Maison Krush” dj’s he had the honour of playing alongside all famous Belgian and International dj's such as Felix The Housecat, Green Velvet, Copyright, DJ Gregory, DJ Spen, Michel Cleis, Daniel Bovie & Roy Rox, Massimo Dacosta, Maxim Lany, Beverly John, Red D, Yamo, Jensen, DJ Prinz, Key, Smith Davis, Yan, Soulspinnas... and many, many more.



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